China Mobile achieves 320Mbps speed on TD LTE inter-band 3CC CA

Huawei said telecom operator China Mobile has completed verification of LTE TDD inter-band 3CC Carrier Aggregation (CA) — combining one 20MHz carrier at 1.9GHz and two 20MHz carriers at 2.6GHz — achieving downlink peak rates of up to 320Mbps.

China Mobile used Huawei commercial base station and Qualcomm terminal based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with X10 LTE from Qualcomm Technologies. Snapdragon 810 process with X10 LTE will be widely used in upcoming 4G terminals, such as the LeTV smartphone in China, which supports LTE TDD 3CC inter-band CA.

Latest smartphones such as Huawei’s Mate7, Honor 6, and Honor 6 Plus and many other brands’ smartphones can support 2CC DL CA.

China Mobile 4G
China Mobile has 1.9GHz and 2.6GHz spectrum available for LTE-A TDD outdoor coverage. Inter-band CA is of unique value for China Mobile since 1.9GHz is more suitable for coverage advantages, while 2.6GHz is better for capacity.

To deploy inter-band CA, China Mobile can benefit from both 1.9GHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands to enhance user experience. Since China Mobile’s 4G macro deployment is based on 1.9GHz, adding 2.6GHz carrier to the current network can utilize existing resources to improve network efficiency.

China Mobile is upgrading its telecom network to LTE-A by using CA. In Shenzhen, China Mobile initiated their 2CC CA scale deployment at the end of 2014.

CA is picking up momentum in global telecom markets. Telecom industry body GSA recently said that 64 operators worldwide in 69 countries have deployed CA, and 116 operators conducted technical test.

Recently, Jiangsu Mobile completed the uplink 2CC CA field test with Huawei and achieved an uplink speed of up to 180 percent. Shandong Mobile completed the downlink 4CC CA commercial authentication, with single user downlink peak rate reaching 400Mbps. Currently, Shanghai mobile is working on the expansion of 1.9GHz + 2.6GHz, and is planning to deploy inter-band CA in the near future.

Baburajan K
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