China Mobile and Huawei launch the world’s first NG OTN trial service

China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei have jointly announced the launch of the world’s first enterprise private line service based on Next-Generation Optical Transport Network (NG OTN) technology between Guangzhou’s Dongfengzhong and Liwan districts.
China Mobile and HuaweiLaunch of the service marks a significant upgrade of China Mobile Guangdong’s smart private network, which will adapt to the differentiated private line connection requirements of enterprises, accelerate the digital transformation of vertical industries, and lay a foundation for a booming digital economy in Guangdong Province.

China Mobile Guangdong in 2018 established an all-optical smart city group in the Greater Bay Area (covering Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao) and built an all-optical network in the region centering on Guangdong’s major cities: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan.

China Mobile Guangdong in 2019 built a smart private network covering the entire province, enhancing capabilities of virtual channel grooming based on the Greater Bay Area’s all optical network and providing private line services for industries such as finance and healthcare as well as government.

Innovation in NG OTN technology

# Minimum service granularity is 2 Mbit/s, and the number of network connections is increased 100 times. 100G can support 1000 service connections, providing massive premium private line services for industries.

# Reducing processing latency of devices by up to 90% assures ultra-low latency for financial and industrial manufacturing scenarios.

# 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s stepless speed and hitless adjustment provides bandwidth on demand (BOD) without interrupting services.

# integrated all-optical network is compatible with multiple technologies such as SDH, OTN, and NG OTN, supports flexible access of enterprise customers anywhere in the province, and ensures fast service provisioning within days.

China Mobile’s smart private networks powered by NG OTN can provide more enterprise customers with high-quality private line services, Cai Weiwen, deputy general manager of China Mobile Guangdong, said.

As a next-generation optical transport technology, NG OTN will accelerate popularization of all-optical networks, provide a high-quality experience for industries, promote success of the optical industry, Simon Lu, president of Huawei’s Transport Network Domain, said.

China Mobile Guangdong has deployed Optical Cross-Connect (OXC) devices at more than 40 transmission nodes. The cloud-based OTN intelligent management and control system has managed over 55,000 NEs, facilitating China Mobile Guangdong’s construction of a world-leading all-optical network.