China Mobile Cloud to deploy Nokia’s Nuage Networks SDN solution

Nokia announced that China Mobile Cloud will leverage the Nuage Networks SDN solution for the deployment of its public cloud service.
China Mobile 5G storeNokia’s Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) solution will provide network automation across networks and clouds — allowing customers to build secure virtual private clouds (VPCs) that connect to other VPCs, the internet and enterprise data centers.

Nokia has worked with China Mobile Cloud since 2015 — with both China Mobile Cloud’s public and private cloud services running on Nuage’s SDN solution — developing features and improving system architecture for the growing demand of cloud service.

Nokia’s Nuage Networks VCS can support a massive number of virtual machines (VM) and bare metal services (BM) in the same network with full policy control. The flexible architecture also allows direct connectivity between the end points without going through gateways, which can quickly become bottlenecks in a cloud environment, Markus Bochert, president of Nokia Greater China, said.

Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nokia’s Nuage Networks, said: “We developed the network solution together with customers to ensure it was suitable for China Mobile Cloud’s expansion of its public cloud application.”