China Mobile deploys Huawei’s 5G Easy Macro pole site solution

China Mobile has deployed Huawei’s next-generation 5G Easy Macro products in the Yu Garden.
Huawei 5G Easy MacroThe deployment enabled the tourist site to guarantee peak-hour service experience for visitors on May Day holiday during the pandemic recovery.

Huawei’s 5G Easy Macro products delivers ubiquitous coverage within the garden and a high-speed 5G experience.

Huawei said its 5G Easy Macro pole site solution supports concurrent 5G NR and 4G LTE services. It supports multiple bands and high power transmission, while boasting a high performance. The pole site has a column-shaped appearance and outdoor-specific coloring and surface treatment. It fits into street lamp poles, electric power poles, and exterior walls.

The field test of 5G Easy Macro in the Yu Garden demonstrated a 5G download speed of as high as 1.1 Gbps, showing that 5G Easy Macro can satisfy the capacity and coverage requirements of the Yu Garden.

China Mobile Shanghai will implement the premium 5G network in this city and develop 5G and fixed networks to ensure dual-Gigabit broadband experience. This will allow the world’s largest 5G operator to deliver in-depth coverage in key areas while achieving function coverage and scaled applications in various scenarios.

Ma Hongbo, president of Huawei’s SingleRAN Product Line, said: “5G Easy Macro enables customers to ease site acquisition and accelerate 5G development.”