China Mobile taps Mindspeed’s baseband system-on-a-chip in TD-SCDMA small cells to improve wireless access for 10 million users in Suzhou

Telecom Lead Asia: China Mobile Group is using Mindspeed Technologies’ baseband system-on-a-chip (SoC) in its TD-SCDMA small cells to improve wireless access.

(source: chinadaily)

For residential and enterprise customers across China Mobile’s 10 million subscriber base in Suzhou, Mindspeed SoC solution provides all processing for the physical layer, MAC and layer 3. Moreover, Mindspeed also provides the physical layer software while the upper layer software is provided by system OEMs such as Bravo Tech or Femtel, who are now delivering systems to China Mobile.

“We recognized the need for small cells as an enhancement to our macro network with the objective of providing a cost effective and significantly better wireless broadband access experience for our huge subscriber base in Suzhou. We have achieved our deployment target set in February much faster than originally planned,” said Chen Wei, general manager of the Suzhou Branch.

“We are pleased to enable the TD-SCDMA small cell roll out at CMCC,” said Naser Adas, general manager of the wireless business unit at Mindspeed.

Mindspeed is continuing and enhancing the former Picochip product line. Its integrated 3G technology enables the company to provide the only concurrent dual mode (3G/4G) product on the market.

In addition, Mindspeed claims that it is the only small cell company with TD-SCDMA support, and the only one to support both LTE FDD and LTE-TDD.

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