China Telecom tests ROADM all-optical backbone network with ZTE

ZTE Corporation has partnered with China Telecom to complete the acceptance test of the world’s largest ROADM all-optical backbone network through live streaming.
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ZTE revealed that it has passed 15 mandatory test items and 14 additional ones in the test. It turns out that the industry-leading indexes of 100 percent recovery rate for a single fiber cut and 97 percent recovery rate for multiple fiber cuts have proven the stability and reliability of the high-quality optical network.

In 2019, ZTE won the bid for the world’s largest intelligent all-optical ROADM network. The project spans 15 provinces in Northwest China, featuring complex natural and geographical conditions.

In the construction, ZTE has adopted the industry-leading all-optical cross-connection technology with a 96-wavelength system, thereby effectively improving service platform transport capability. Moreover, ZTE said its flexible bandwidth adjustment has also laid solid foundation for smooth network expansion in the future.

ZTE said its Flex Shaping algorithm has supported the network to optimize the balance of bandwidth resources and transport capabilities in order to ensure transport experiences over a long distance.

In addition, the visualization of resources and latency based on the intelligent management platform has provided customers with a flexible, dynamic, intelligent and efficient network.

Meanwhile, ZTE has provided dynamic rerouting recovery, enabling the recovery against multiple fiber cuts and increasing network stability. Therefore, the network can address the service requirements of 5G, big videos, DC private lines and high-value financial private lines for large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability.

To date, ZTE’s optical transport products have been deployed in more than 600 100G/beyond-100G OTN networks around the world.