China Unicom taps Ericsson Radio Dot System to up indoor coverage

China Unicom for mobile usersChina Unicom has deployed Ericsson Radio Dot System to enhance indoor mobile connectivity in Beijing.

Ericsson has deployed the Radio Dot System, a leading indoor coverage solution, in 500 buildings in the space of three months. China Unicom subscribers can now enjoy uninterrupted 4G services in all 500 buildings, including high-rise buildings and shopping malls.
China Unicom deploys Ericsson Radio Dot“This is the largest number of buildings in a single city to receive the Radio Dot System,” said Ericsson.

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Ericsson delivered a full turnkey service, including products, installation and network optimization services for each of the 500 buildings in Beijing.

“The Ericsson Radio Dot System was designed to be scalable and capable of meeting both current and future needs. The system can be upgraded to add frequencies, capacity and future technologies, making it easier to address China Unicom’s growing capacity and coverage requirements,” said Nishant Batra, head of Network Infrastructure Products, Ericsson.