China Unicom taps Huawei for eAI-accelerated education broadband

Huawei today announced China Unicom (Beijing) has released the first eAI-accelerated education broadband in China, providing gigabit broadband for students in Beijing.
Zhang Yunyong, General Manager of China Unicom’s Product CenterZhang Yunyong, general manager of China Unicom’s Product Center, said: “We released the Education Broadband as a step to upgrade our products and services.”

Since the number of people receiving online education in China reached 300 million, network quality is becoming the key to ensuring better education experience for teachers and students alike. Approximately 20 percent to 30 percent of online education participants experience frame freezing or disconnection.

The embedded AI (eAI) technology reduces the latency of online education services by more than 50 percent, and ensures a smooth online learning experience in the fifth generation fixed network (F5G) era.

China Unicom Beijing selected Huawei’s eAI-accelerated education broadband solution to provide students with convergent gigabit broadband in both wired and wireless modes.

Advantages of Huawei’s eAI-accelerated education broadband solution
# zero frame freezing
# Wi-Fi penetrating one more wall
# instant fault recovery
# reduced carbon emissions equivalent to one tree planted
Qin Yang, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom BeijingQin Yang, deputy general manager of China Unicom Beijing, said: “The education broadband released using Huawei’s eAI and big data technologies will provide students in Beijing with the same smooth education without requiring them to be physically present in classrooms.”

The new education broadband product can be subscribed to at customer service centers and the online service app at China Unicom (Beijing).

Jeffrey Zhou, president of Huawei’s Access Network Product Line, said: “The F5G gigabit era has come. High-quality online education experience requires zero frame freezing, zero disconnection, higher bandwidth, lower latency, and wider coverage.”