China’s Hunan Airport selects Tadiran Telecom solution


Tadiran Telecom has been selected to provide Changsha
Huanghua International Airport in Hunan, China with an advanced and customized
solution based on its Coral communications system. The system, installed by
Tadiran’s subsidiary KTT, is currently in the last stages of deployment.


Changsha Huanghua International Airport is part of the
Hunan Airport Authority (HAA), a publicly owned corporation managing all five
airports in Hunan Province.


HAA was keen on replicating the success of other
important transportation-hubs, such as Beijing International Airport and the
Beijing Subway system, which also chose the Tadiran Telecom
solution for its reliability, stability and mission critical capabilities.


HAA was attracted to Tadiran’s Coral IPx systems for
their powerful control, response abilities and advanced IP networking features.
The system’s various components offer qualities such as built-in redundancy and
fault tolerance capabilities, which answered all of HAA’s efficiency and safety


An airport environment presents many challenges and
requires many specific solutions, especially in fields such as security and
emergency response,” said Bill Miao, general manager, KTT.


Tadiran’s solutions met and surpassed all of KTT
customers’ demands by complying with stringent standards adopted by other
renowned airports throughout the world. This project will enable KTT to provide
better service and enhance its credibility towards customers.


Tadiran boasts years of experience in planning and
providing mission-critical solutions for airport communication systems,” said
Eldad Barak, president and CEO, Tadiran.


This project deepens Tadiran’s involvement in the Chinese
market and serves as an indication of Tadiran’s long term strategy to tighten
and enhance cooperation with important transportation centers in Asia at large.


Tadiran’s integrative approach guided the project from
its inception. The special solution consists of ten Coral IPx systems working
together  as a mission-critical dispatch-control network.


In addition, a set of unique features tailored to the
distinctive airport control environment such as a recording system, paging
system and unique wall-mount anti-noise terminals will also be installed.


All systems are to be deployed at the airport’s new
163,000 square meters international terminal. Over 11 million passengers used
the airport services in 2009, and HAA expects to surpass this number once the
new 270 million dollars project is completed.


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