Chunghwa Telecom selects Keysight solutions to verify RAN equipment

Keysight Technologies announced that Chunghwa Telecom has selected Keysight Open Radio Architect (KORA) solutions to accelerate verification of radio access network (RAN) equipment.
Chunghwa Telecom TaiwanChunghwa Telecom, a provider of fixed-line, mobile, broadband services, is the first operator in Taiwan to carry out multi-vendor integration and verify open access network architecture.

Chunghwa Telecom uses KORA to deploy connectivity services that support transportation, manufacturing, energy, commerce, agriculture and medicine sectors, as well as consumers.

“We are providing software-driven test tools that include built-in test automation capabilities, resulting in rapid validation of O-RAN compliant network infrastructure,” said Kalyan Sundhar, vice president and general manager for Keysight’s 5G Edge to Core Solutions.

Chunghwa Telecom selected Keysight’s user equipment (UE) emulation solution (UeSIM) and O-RAN radio unit (O-RU) emulator (RuSIM), which are part of the KORA portfolio.

Major mobile vendors, hyperscale data centers and service providers use KORA to verify interoperability between O-RUs, distributed units (O-DUs) and central units (O-CUs) across the protocol stack, as well as to validate conformance of network elements to the latest O-RAN specifications.

“Keysight enables us to quickly and confidently deploy advanced technologies that underpin Chunghwa’s digital transformation strategy,” said Chung-Yung Chia, vice president at Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group.

In 2021, Chunghwa Telecom co-hosted the Taiwan Plugfest part of the third global O-RAN ALLIANCE Plugfest event, which took place in ten countries across Asia, the Unites States and Europe. At the Taiwan Plugfest, Chunghwa Telecom alongside multiple vendors of O-RAN equipment used KORA solutions UeSIM, RuSIM, CoreSIM and Open RAN Studio to verify interoperability, security and end-to-end performance.