Ciena to acquire HSPC business for $32 mn from TeraXion

Telecom network vendor Ciena announced its deal to acquire high-speed photonics components (HSPC) business for $32 million from TeraXion.

As part of the deal, Ciena will purchase TeraXion’s high-speed indium phosphide and silicon photonics technologies as well as the intellectual property.

These technologies are key enablers of Ciena’s WaveLogic coherent optical chipsets, which make the optical layer of networks more intelligent and responsive to today’s web-scale demands.

The acquisition of TeraXion HSPC assets advance Ciena’s optics business and enhance ability to develop differentiated solutions for the telecom industry.

Scott McFeely, senior vice president, Networking Platforms at Ciena, said: “This acquisition reinforces our commitment to serving as a growth and innovation engine in Canada, which is home to our largest employee base and more than 50 percent of our global research and development team.”

Ciena has shipped over 75,000 coherent high-speed coherent line interfaces to more than 240 customers, with more than 80 million coherent kilometers deployed.

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