Ciena and Felix Telecom bring 100G Ethernet to Eastern Europe


Ciena announced that the Romanian Educational Network
(RoEduNet) has selected Ciena’s high-capacity coherent optical technology for
the first live 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network in Eastern Europe.


The next-generation infrastructure, deployed together
with Ciena’s BizConnect partner Felix Telecom, provides scientists and
researchers from Romania the highest network capacity available on the
commercial market for science and education projects.


RoEduNet, the Romanian National Research and Education
Network (NREN), connects universities, schools, research centers and cultural
institutions across the country, providing high speed data transport and
Internet access services to them at no cost.


Operating more than 4200 km of optical fiber to connect
cities and academic campuses, RoEduNet forms part of GEANT- the European
education and research network linking academic and research institutions
in more than 30 European countries.


The newly deployed 100 GbE link connects Bucharest, the
capital of Romania, with Iasi, the country’s second largest city located more
than 450 kilometers to the north.


The deployment forms part of an expansion of RoEduNet’s
existing nationwide optical infrastructure, which is based on Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and
Common Photonic Layer, by simply adding 100G wavelengths alongside 10G


Felix Telecom is responsible for the design,
installation, deployment and ongoing service for both RoEduNet’s existing 10G
network as well as the new 100G infrastructure.


Ciena’s scalable network architecture is making it
possible and easy for us to perform a smooth and cost-effective transition from
our 10G network to 100G,” said Germin Mihai Dinu, general director of ARNIEC,
the agency managing RoEduNet.


We can increase network bandwidth simply and
economically, which allows us to accelerate our work tenfold on complex
research projects that require resources from all over the world. The ease of
scalability and increased networking speed offered by Ciena’s optical
networking technology enhances Romania’s ability to collaborate on cutting-edge
science and research projects and enables our scientists to work with their
peers at high performance computing and research centers across the globe. For
these reasons we plan to continue installing 100 Gbps links to connect the main
nodes in our network,” Dinu added.


Our collaboration with RoEduNet highlights Ciena’s
unique capability to address the growing networking needs of the research and
education sector by building scalable, dynamic and reconfigurable networks,”
said Rod Wilson, senior director of external research at Ciena.


Groundbreaking research projects like the Large Hadron
Collider or the Very Large Telescope array mean that scientists need
high-capacity networks to quickly and effectively share research data for
processing. Ciena’s approach to intelligent infrastructures using advanced
silicon, software and switching technologies provides ideal solutions for
operators most critical needs like coherent optics for capacity requirements
like those of RoEduNet,” Wilson added.


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