Ciena OneConnect to offer 40 percent bandwidth savings to telecom operators

Telecom Lead America: Ciena has introduced its new
OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane software.

Telecom network operators with Ciena OneConnect can
benefit from more than 40 percent bandwidth savings for service restoration, up
to 30 percent latency reduction in highly meshed networks, and new
differentiated service offerings including secure Optical Virtual Private
Networks (O-VPN).

OneConnect features new level of programmability and
advanced virtualization for the Wide Area Network (WAN). Moreover, it enables
rich policy-based control more extensively across the network.

Ciena’s intelligent control plane software acts as the
brain of the network by allowing service providers to fine tune their networks
to be more intelligent and to quickly respond to changing network demands,”
said Steve Alexander, senior vice president and chief technology officer at

OneConnect is designed to allow rich policy-based
programming, allowing network operators to specify detailed behaviors taking
into account network details including latency, diversity, and restoration
priority and timing.

Ciena’s telecom customers can enable their network to
behave with greater speed and accuracy, which is critical to service providers’
ability to meet subscriber’s unabated demands for bandwidth-hungry services and
cloud-based applications.

Service providers can boost revenue potential by
providing virtualized Optical-VPN services that leverage their existing
switched infrastructure to offer secure, private line services over a virtual
fiber network.

New latency-aware routing capabilities offered by
OneConnect help ensure that time-sensitive applications are routed across the
network with the lowest latency possible.

This gives financial services and media distribution
companies a significant advantage because even the smallest delay in service
can amount to loss in revenue. Network operators, who use this feature, can
benefit from 30 percent reduction in average service latency.

Automated control plane-based optical networks have been
operating for years in the core of the network with great success. Extending
control plane functionality to the network edge and adding policy-based
programming control substantially increases an operator’s ability to
differentiate and create new services to monetize network assets,” Ron Kline,
principal analyst, Ovum.

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