Ciena revenue shows weakness in business

Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform
Ciena Corporation today said its revenue reached $640.7 million (+3.1 percent) in its fiscal second quarter ended April 30, 2016.

Ciena generated $512.2 million from Networking Platforms, $30.5 million from Software and $98 million from Global Services.

Out of $512.2 million from Networking Platforms business, Ciena generated $435.2 million from Converged Packet Optical, $68.5 million from Packet Networking and $8.5 million from Optical Transport business.

Ciena said 61.7 percent of revenue came from North America, $96.2 million from Europe, Middle East and Africa, $57.9 million from Caribbean and Latin America and $91.1 million from Asia Pacific region.

Ciena’s net income for the fiscal second quarter 2016 was $14 million as compared to net income of $20.7 million in the fiscal second quarter 2015.

Gary B Smith, president and CEO of Ciena, said: “As the industry shifts toward an on-demand networking model across an open ecosystem, we are confident in our ability to address those demands with a broader set of customers, applications and geographies to deliver sustainable long-term growth and increased profitability.”

Ciena says it expects revenue of $655 to $685 million during fiscal third quarter 2016.

Baburajan K