Cisco and Telefonica complete 100G trial

Telecom Lead Europe: Cisco and Telefonica Global Solutions have completed 100G trial.

The long-distance 100G trial covering 4,000 kilometers was aimed at enhancing available bandwidth, simplifying network operations, reducing capital expenses, and helping user in a new generation of consumer and business services.

Alejandro Martínez, VP of Telefonica Global Solutions, Global Network and Platforms, said: “As a global company with a network spanning Europe, the Americas and Asia we’re committed to leading the world in high-speed infrastructure that will ultimately give our customers more choice, flexibility and innovation.”

Telefonica believes that using advanced IPoDWDM technology with its existing DWDM investment ensures that Telefonica can cost-effectively scale our network.

Cisco says Telefonica completed the Internet protocol over wavelength-division multiplexing (IPoDWDM) trial using integrated coherent 100G optical interfaces in the Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System (CRS).

The trial, which used Cisco’s CRS core router, enables Telefonica to prepare network for growth and services.

IPoDWDM enables high-speed Internet services over existing DWDM networks, eliminating the need for network upgrades and accelerating the introduction of new higher-speed, Internet services.

The underwater round trip span consisted of DWDM transport systems from multiple vendors — the longest such IPoDWDM test ever completed. Additional shorter tests using only terrestrial fibers were also successful.

Cisco’s nLight coherent technology eliminates the need for additional dispersion compensation units and electrical and optical regeneration equipment that cannot be added to an existing submarine cable links. This helps reduce capital and operational expenses.

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