Cisco to focus on 5G networks, automation at MWC 2018

Cisco innovation for telecom operatorsNetworking major Cisco in a blog post has revealed the company’s focus areas in the rapidly growing 5G market at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) next week in Barcelona.

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Cisco supports 5G space in three primary ways – Services, Infrastructure and Automation – aiding global telecom operators. Incidentally, Cisco has not made any single announcement on 5G deals / trials with any operators.

Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE, the main rivals of Cisco, have made several 5G related announcements.

Cisco services will support telecom service providers (TSPs) to bring 5G to the market and make more money from the new service targeting both enterprises and wireless subscribers.

In addition, Cisco will assist telecom operators in building the 5G infrastructure targeting growth in ARPU.

Cisco’s Automation focus is aimed at making this mass scale simpler to operate.

Cisco will have 5G-enabled IP products — 5G packet core, cloud services, and service enablement — for the 5G segment. Cisco will be demonstrating network slicing and how its customers will have the ability to control the network, using technologies like Segment Routing and IPv6.

Cisco 5G will assist SPs to provide full-service offerings for IOT service in retail, mining, transportation and more, by providing them device management through our Jasper product lines,  ruggedized routers, and the cloud and data management platform with Kinetic.

Cisco’s virtual packet core and CUPS (control/user plane separation), SONFlex, new access 500 series routers, 5G core and IP core, Security, and OpenRAN, are part of the 5G infrastructure product / solutions.

Cisco will assist TSPs to simplify their mobile network operations to roll out 5G targeting the monetization from new services. Cisco will be automating configurations, monitoring, self-learning and self-healing networks. Self-optimization will also be a focus area for Cisco.

Cisco will announce customers who have signed up to use its automation platform.

Cisco automation platform enables TSPs to experience 78 percent faster customer service onboarding; 81 percent faster execution of change requests; 84 percent faster execution of maintenance procedures; and a 70 percent improvement in mean time to repair (MTTR).