Cisco presents NCS series with automation to lower Opex

Cisco at MWC 2018Networking company Cisco has unveiled two new platforms to its Network Convergence System (NCS) 1000 series to help network operators to maximize their fiber investment.

Addition of automation capabilities for ROADM-based mesh topologies prevalent in metro and long-haul networks to support self-optimization and self-healing capabilities are also the new features to network engineers.

Telecom engineers at network operators are already using Cisco 1000 series, with more than 4 petabits per second (Pbps) of capacity already deployed across mission-critical applications.

The US-based networking company said automated capabilities for model-based provisioning and streaming telemetry enabled zero-touch provisioning and enhanced network visibility for both routing and optical driving lower Opex by allowing staff to operate and maintain larger networks.

Cisco NCS 1004
# packs more than 100 Tbps of capacity into a single seven-foot rack
can transmit 4.8 Tbps within a 2RU platform, with a total fiber capacity of 76.8 Tbps
# support for 600G interfaces
# delivers secure optical transport with line rate encryption
# providers can tune their capacity and distance requirements in 50G increments, enabling universal applications from metro to long-haul to subsea

Cisco NCS 1010
# ease the operational complexities associated with increasing capacity, while enabling the velocity of feature deployments across the entire optical network
# features colorless, directionless and contention-less (CDC) ROADM with an enhanced modular operational model

Providers like Windstream are using the NCS 1000 series to support web-scale applications and cloud services.

“This platform has features such as streaming telemetry in Cisco IOS XR, massive density, and a small footprint that delivers 600G support for metro, long haul, and submarine applications,” said Buddy Bayer, senior vice president, Transport Engineering, Windstream, said.

“Customers like Windstream increasingly value the benefits of automation to help them do things faster and more efficiently, as they strive to meet demands for increasing capacity,” said Bill Gartner, vice president and general manager, Optical Systems and Optics, Cisco Service Provider Business.