Cisco reveals benefits from Crosswork Network Automation software

FTTH network in PortugalCisco has revealed the benefits from its new Cisco Crosswork Network Automation software that will improve the running of networks by service providers.

There will be 27 billion devices and connections running on service provider networks by 2021 – putting pressure on enterprises to make investment on network automation and intent-based networking and gain from analytics.

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Enterprise IT division will face challenges because traditional operations staff cannot handle network related pressure. For example, IT staff cannot add nearly 10 percent more devices every year without changing how they work.

IT division staff can utilize Cisco’s latest automation solutions and achieve 70 percent rise in operational efficiency, 30 percent revenue uplift and a 40 percent improvement in customer satisfaction.

Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Networking, Cisco, said: “Our goal for network automation is to help our customers turn growing pains into growing profit, and streamline operations.”

The Cisco Crosswork Network Automation software helps service providers like Telstra and many others, automate their networks and effectively extract and manage data to help their networks react to common events and impending security threats.

This Cisco software offers service providers a single point of integration with zero-touch telemetry, machine learning intuition, open APIs and automated actions that offer a simpler experience. It is backed by Cisco Services to assist customers with planning, customization and implementation.

“Our work with Cisco to reinvent our network operations through orchestration, automation and advanced data models offers us valuable insight for mass data collection, applying analytics and machine learning, and taking decisive action through automation,” David Robertson, director, Network Transport & Routing Engineering, Telstra, said.