Cisco SDN, NFV technologies power Softbank

Cisco BYOD research
Telecom network operator Softbank will be using Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP) Orchestration, software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technologies to deploy an upgraded architecture of Softbank’s White Cloud SmartVPN.

The upgrade in the network architecture reduces the time to deploy new enterprise services to minutes from weeks, while allowing for elasticity of customer demand by utilizing service chaining of new virtual network functions, said Cisco announced at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress.

The Softbank White Cloud SmartVPN offers a differentiated network service with a selection of multi-vendor networking equipment offerings to enterprise customers.

Traditionally, network operators have built expensive and inflexible service chains of L4-L7 security functions by wiring cables between physical network devices. Service chaining using SDN creates software-controlled service chains in which traffic is steered through the security functions for a given flow, based on customer profile.

Softbank is using Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f for provisioning both its physical and virtual elements. Cisco NSO enables rapid development and modification of network services, automating all the multi-vendor devices, making it easy to change and reconfigure services on-demand.

This apart, Softbank has deployed Cisco’s Virtual Topology System to stitch the dynamic service chains within the data center. The Cisco Virtual Topology System, an open software-overlay management and provisioning system, is designed to automate data center network fabric provisioning for virtual and physical infrastructure.

“The flexibility and open nature of the Cisco Evolved Services Platform will equip us with the tools to innovate new services at a rapid pace and keep ahead of our competition. Automation and elasticity on demand will also help us dramatically reduce both our operating and capital costs as we grow the offering,” said Sadahiro Sato, senior vice president of ICT innovation, Softbank.

Baburajan K
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