Cisco signs cBR-8 cable access deal with Quickline

Cisco today announced its cBR-8 converged cable access platform (CCAP) deal with Quickline AG.

The deployment of Evolved CCAP platform across its network footprint, including 21 independent cable operators in Switzerland, allows Quickline to utilize the multi-Gigabit DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 technologies and converged video capabilities to build the foundation for an evolution of its cable access architecture.

Quickline AG, together with its 21 independent cable operators, provides IT, telecommunications and multimedia services for 400,000 customers — residential and business — in Switzerland.

In addition to scaling its current broadband network with DOCSIS 3.0, Quickline can leverage the Cisco DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities of the new Cisco cBR-8 Evolved CCAP platform to offer multi-Gigabit entertainment services.

There will be operational benefits for Quickline operators, including simplifying the growth of their cable broadband network, transforming from CCAP video to all-IP services and establishing a path for virtualization and SDN.

Remon Krebs, CTO of Quickline, said: “This decision to select the cBR-8 is part of our investment strategy to build an advanced, next-generation cable broadband network for our partner operators in Switzerland.”

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