Cisco technology ensures cost effective operations of data centers

Networking major Cisco today announced its latest technology for ensuring cost effective operations of data centers.

Cisco says its latest SDN-ready Nexus switches deliver cloud scale 10/25/40/50/100Gpbs, promising up to 10 times performance improvement for data centers.

In addition to “industry leading price points”, the new switching platforms give two-year “innovation advantage” over competitive technology, said Cisco.

Cisco is also acquiring CliQr Technologies for $260 million to offer application-centric orchestration for private, hybrid and public clouds.

The US-based technology major said its Cisco HyperFlex Systems, built on Cisco UCS platform, will surpass first generation hyperconverged solutions.

The company can now offer complete software-defined infrastructure — from compute with UCS, network with ACI and SDN solutions, to HyperFlex for storage.

Cisco has more than 50,000 enterprise customers for UCS and converged infrastructure businesses.

Benefits of HyperfFlex sytems:

# Plug-n-play setup within minutes for network as well as storage capacity
# Up to 80 percent reduction in the data footprint
# Deliver 30 percent reduction in TCO
# Up to 40 percent higher performance than competitive solutions

Cisco offers

# Cisco offers 1/10/25/40/50/100Gbps speeds, up to 10 times the number of IP addresses and end points, plus support for one million containers per rack

# Hyperconverged infrastructure, real-time telemetry, intelligent buffers for lossless traffic, 50 percent higher application completion times, plus visibility of every packet, every flow, every speed

# Offers 25Gbps at the price of 10Gbps and 100Gbps at the price of 40Gbps

Cisco said its ASIC innovations power its next generation switches, enabling customers for the first time to transition to 25/50/100Gbps at the cost and density of today’s 10/40Gbps networks, with an increase of up to 10 times the bandwidth.

The company said new Nexus 9000 switches ensures 25 percent more non-blocking performance, at 50 percent the cost of comparable solutions, plus greater reliability and lower power.

The new Nexus 9000 switches offer real time network telemetry at 100Gbps wire rate, enabling network security with pervasive NetFlow and fabric wide troubleshooting.

It has the ability to scale up to 10 times in IP addresses and end points at cloud scale, and support over a million containers per rack.

Customers can support lossless traffic for IP storage, hyperconverged and converged infrastructure on a single unified fabric that enables application completion times 50 percent faster than traditional competitive platforms.

The technology major is also offering software enhancements that enable ACI support for Cisco Nexus 7000 switches.

IT managers can deploy a VXLAN-based fabric in three steps, complete with zero touch provisioning, and can upgrade all fabric switches to a new software release in four mouse clicks.

Arslan Munir, director of Cloud Engineering, Shutterfly, says its business demands high bandwidth and over 180 petabytes of storage for our customers.

“The new Cisco Nexus 9200 switch promises to solve our current demands with speeds of up to 100Gbps. With this as our foundation, we can sustain the needs of our users while continuing to innovate,” said Arslan Munir.

“The new Nexus 9200 and 9300-EX platforms will enable us to stay ahead of the competition with 10/25/40/50G for the access and 40/50/100G in the core,” said Peter Elbertse, managing director, PPRO’s Hosting Provider, Netherlands.

Baburajan K