CITIC Networks and Etisalat use Huawei single-wavelength 600G

Huawei recently announced that CITIC Networks is using its single-wavelength 600G network for commercial purpose, while UAE telecom operator Etisalat completed the testing of a single-wavelength 600G trial site.
Huawei and Single-wavelength 600G trialEtisalat, which offers telecom services in 15 countries across the Middle East and Africa, has tested Huawei’s single-wavelength 600G optical transmission solution to address Etisalat’s need for capacity and efficient operation.

This transmission solution, which uses Huawei’s latest OptiXtreme series oDSP chips, enables programmable and flexible adjustment of multiple code patterns from 100G to 600G. This allows adaptation to complex link environments and various transmission distances in physical networks.

Etisalat SVP Network Development Esmaeel Al Hammadi said: “Huawei’s development for 600G, single channel will greatly improve the spectrum efficiency of optical networks.”

CITIC Networks made commercial use of a single-wavelength 600G network in Beijing for the first time in the industry.

A CITIC Networks representative said: “CITIC Networks is focused on developing ultra-broadband intelligent and reliable networks, driven by the move toward cloudification and the demand for innovations in efficiency.”