CITIC Telecom deploys F5 Traffix SDC Diameter solution

CITIC Telecom International has deployed the F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) Diameter solution to optimize its IPX (Internet Protocol eXchange) service.

In a statement, F5 said its IPX solution provides a turnkey solution for IDD voice, mobile roaming signaling, SMS messaging, and roaming data services for both mobile and fixed network operators, as well as Internet service providers (ISPs).

F5 Traffix SDC gateway enables CITIC and its customers to quickly enter new roaming agreements, and the solution’s Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) protects the network to maintain reliable LTE roaming services.

Sutton Cheung, CTO at CITIC, said: “With F5’s Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller, our customers can be assured of network security when connecting to others via roaming agreements.”

CITIC Telecom

F5 Traffix SDC assists mobile operators and IPX carriers in scaling and managing their networks, as well as enabling LTE services and applications, with safe connections to legacy networks and other environments.

On one platform, the SDC solution offers intelligent context-aware Diameter routing, load balancing, and interworking functionality. This enables a cost-effective rollout of LTE speeds and services for enhanced customer experience.

The company said the F5 Traffix SDC is one of many solutions contributing to the F5 Synthesis high performance services fabric, enabling unified Software Defined Application Services for service providers.

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