ClariPhy and Cortina to accelerate 40G coherent optical networks adoption


ClariPhy Communications and Cortina Systems announced
they have achieved interoperability between ClariPhy’s CL4010, 40G single chip
coherent transceiver and Cortina’s CS604x and CS600x, 40G/10G Optical Transport
Network (OTN) Processor families with strong Forward Error Correction support.


Service providers worldwide are focused on rolling out
network capacity upgrades to address explosive bandwidth demands driven by the
widespread adoption of smart phones, surge in IPTV deployments and emerging
cloud computing applications.


Service providers want to leverage DSP driven coherent
technology in optical transport networks to increase reach and performance
against noise impairments at 40G and higher line rates.
ClariPhy is
the first semiconductor vendor to deliver single chip SoCs targeting 40G
coherent optical networks.


Cortina is a leading supplier of OTN technology.
Cortina’s transport products are designed in at major tier 1 and 2 OEMs and
deployed in Carrier networks worldwide.


The CS600x and CS604x families of 40G/10G Optical
Transport Network (OTN) Processors support the latest OTN standards and are
designed for transport and aggregation of data, voice, and video over 10G, 40G,
and 100G signals. The CS60xx family has been in production since 2009.


OEMs targeting volume deployments of 40G coherent networks
can leverage compatibility between ClariPhy’s CL4010 and Cortina’s widely
deployed 40G Strong Forward Error Correction algorithm, supported by its two
generations of OTN processors, to shorten development cycles and enable faster


Service providers can now accelerate deployment of
coherent optical networks by leveraging proven 40G Strong FEC technology from
Cortina over 40G coherent networks enabled by ClariPhy’s CL4010 to enhance
optical reach performance and tolerance to noise impairments.


“Coherent technology will become the
dominant transmission technique for long haul WDM over the next 5 years,
with large carriers and major OEM’s leading the way. When combined with ROADM
based networking, coherent transmission has large cost/bit/km advantages over
traditional techniques,” said Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst, Optical
at Infonetics Research.


ClariPhy’s work with Cortina lays the foundation for a
compatible ecosystem to accelerate deployment of 40G optical coherent networks
by leveraging deployed UFEC technology from Cortina and the industry’s first
single chip 40G coherent SoC from ClariPhy.


As a leading supplier of OTN processors in the
10/40G/100G markets, we welcome the opportunity to create an interoperable
solution with ClariPhy for the 40G coherent market,” said Arun Zarabi, vice
president, Infrastructure Business Unit, Cortina.


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