Cobra Electronics to showcase Cobra JoyRide for Android

By Telecom Lead Team: Cobra Electronics will demonstrate
its Cobra JoyRide for Android, an innovative smartphone charger at Mobile World
Congress 2012.

Cobra JoyRide makes in-car phone use convenient for users
of Android smartphones.

The Cobra JoyRide for Android is a powerful in-car USB
charger. It is a car charging accessory with a free Cobra application designed
to customize the way a consumer’s Android-powered smartphone behaves upon
entering and exiting their vehicle.

Cobra Joyride features a push button control and a number
of driving related features including auto-text reply ” I am driving right
now” and customizable in-car settings which are activated simply by
connecting the Android smartphone to the Cobra JoyRide charger via micro-USB.

The free companion Android app communicates with the
charger using the cable it uses to charge the phone. Pushing a single button on
the charger can cycle through a customizable loop of apps, initiate voice
commands, share information about road hazards, pause and play music, and call
pre-selected contacts or navigate to a saved address.

The Cobra JoyRide smartphone app also records the GPS
position of the owner’s vehicle on the Android phone to help them navigate back
to their parking spot with either maps or compass.

“Cobra Joyride represents the type of consumer
application that truly leverages the power of the Android Open Accessory
Platform. We are energized to showcase Cobra JoyRide to our growing and loyal
Android-enthusiast community at Mobile World Congress,” said Sally
Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics.

The new Cobra JoyRide is scheduled to be available in Q4
with a MSRP of US$39.95 including the free Cobra JoyRide app from Android

The product is compatible with the newest Android-powered
smartphones utilizing OS 2.3.4 or greater and incorporating the Android Open
Accessory capability.

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