Comba supplies 4G Antennas to China Telecom

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Comba Telecom has revealed that its ultra-wideband (1710-2690MHz) Compact 4G Antennas have passed tests conducted by China Telecom, and are in use in several cities across China.

The antennas, launched this February, aid in fixing weak coverage concerns in high wireless traffic areas and promote scalability and further improvements in antenna solutions for the global 4G network.

The product is 50 percent compact and 40 percent light in weight, when compared to the rivals.

The antennas provided by Comba Telecom started featuring a flat, highly integrated, multi-port, screw-free phase shifter in 2014 itself, with the latest model claiming the best radiation characteristics too.

“Compact, multi-band, active mode and intelligent solutions are the development trend of next-generation mobile communication networks and antenna technologies, with the small form factor being the foundation,” said Zhang Yuejun, vice chairman and president of Comba Telecom.

The global wireless solutions provider said that it is focusing on sizing down its antennas without compromising performance and focuses on R&D and manufacturing of wireless products including RRU, antennas and base station subsystems and wireless transmission and access systems.

Earlier, Comba Telecom announced a new generation of compact 4G base station antennas working on 1710 to 2170MHz in 2013 itself, displaying similar performance to its predecessor antennas even after being lightweight and compact.

Deployments by wireless carriers and industry peers worldwide have led to over 550,000 units being shipped till date. The newly launched next generation of ultra-wideband (1710-2690MHz) compact 4G antennas is the child of the innovations done by combining a reduced footprint and wideband technologies.

The product claimed to be stable and reliable for long-term use has core components built using automation and raw materials that are supplied by world-renowned brands while the one-off pass rate among mass-produced intermodulation products is high, claims the company.

Comba Telecom, headquartered in Hong Kong, has operations including manufacturing bases in mainland China, R&D centers in China and the USA and more than 40 offices worldwide.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]