Commercial Broadband Solutions selects Siklu for wireless Ethernet connectivity

Telecom Lead America: Siklu, a provider of EtherHaul
millimeter wave wireless backhaul solution, announced that Commercial Broadband
Solutions (CBS), a backhaul provider focused primarily on providing high
capacity fixed point to point connectivity for Data and Voice traffic, has
selected its EtherHaul E-band radio for point-to-point wireless Ethernet


The EtherHaul E-band radio from  Siklu will help the company
solve an urgent requirement for 100 Mbps links between locations for a
healthcare facility customer in southwest Michigan.  The company turned to
Siklu when it found difficult to meet the growing bandwidth needs of the
customer through its existing wireless infrastructure.


While CBS initially examined solutions such as leased fiber,
cable, and VPN, it ruled these options out due to their high up-front costs and
long installation time. Recognizing that a point-to-point wireless connection
would offer the quickest solution, CBS and MapleNet chose Siklu’s EtherHaul.


Wireless, a Siklu partner, helped CBS in the deployment.


  We realized that CBS’s needs would be best met by
a millimeter wave radio that delivers high capacity and is quick and easy to
license and set up,” said Gene Crusie, MapleNet’s president. Siklu’s EtherHaul
E-band radio delivered on both the capacity requirements and speedy
installation. In addition, it is also priced 80 percent lower than competing
radios. None of the other microwave solutions we examined delivered on all
three parameters concurrently – capacity, installation speed, and cost.”


The EtherHaul has delivered consistent latency and
throughput from the start for CBS’s healthcare customer, and its adaptive rate
capabilities ensure high performance in all weather conditions. With a 1 Gbps
capacity well above the initial 100 Mbps requirement, it allows CBS ample room
for growth.


Additionally, the standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) and
CAT5 cabling lowered installation cost and improved the speed of deployment. In
addition, the sleek, low-profile design of the Siklu antennas made them more
aesthetically pleasing to the end user than other products with a larger antenna
form factor.


Recently Siklu announced it has adapted its all-silicon millimeter wave
technology for LTE small cell backhaul operating in the unlicensed 57-66 GHz
spectrum. This technology provides an ultra-low-cost, invisible-footprint
backhaul for the expected massive deployment of small cells.


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