CommScope expands broadband solutions

Commscope ION-U distributed antenna system
CommScope is expanding its fiber products and services at the 2016 FTTH Connect in Nashville taking place from June 13-15 2016.

The new networks are claiming to have solutions for speed, simplicity and savings. Topics related to training and education, network planning, future technologies and global trends are also being covered at the same event.

With service providers up-scaling expectations related to fiber networks, CommScope has conveyed that it intends to meet all requirements in areas of speed, market, cost-cutting and deployment. The company is trying to relieve problems by addressing solutions for reducing the time and cost to roll out extensive fiber deployments for FTTH and FTTN networks.

The US-based technology company has implemented daisy chain service terminals unlike the conventional star configuration for plug and play connectors leading to lower labor costs and speedy deployment. Network topology has also benefited by the usage of pre-connectorized cables adding to fiber deployment speed with less amount of cable.

“These approaches are estimated to get fiber networks deployed up to 70 percent faster, creating major savings for operators,” conveys CommScope.

CommScope also has a portfolio of products it says is designed to help technicians keep it simple. The Rapid Fiber system reportedly reduces fiber cable congestion and offers easy installation. CommScope also recently added Rapid Fiber solutions for MDUs with pre-terminated connections and integrated over-length management to help minimize issues as well as speed up deployment.

The company also is featuring the FDH4000, a sealed closure designed for use in underground locations. It is scalable up to 144 distribution and 12-72 feeder ports, which is said to allow service providers to quickly increase capacity with minimal investment. It also reduces or eliminates the need for permitting, according to the company.

CommScope acquired TE Connectivity’s telecom, enterprise and wireless businesses, BNS, for about $3 billion last year leading to expansion in its fiber connectivity solutions for service providers. Its revenue surged 39 percent to $1.14 billion in the first quarter of 2016.

“The past decade brought disruption and diversification for service providers as they faced new competition and demands from consumers,” said Werner de Wolf, senior vice president, Service Provider Solutions, CommScope. “Driving fiber deeper in the network can help address the need for speed, simplicity and savings.”

Apart from enhancing speed, simplification is also an added benefit of the new products. The benefit is owing to the renewed Rapid Fiber System which reduces fiber cable congestion and aids in easy installation.

Cost cutting and increasing investment is the focus area for service providers with a fiber distribution hub (FDH) being the way to lower cost. The FDH4000 is a packed closure fabricated for applying in underground locations. There will also be a demonstration of its portfolio for service providers at 2016 FTTH Connect in Nashville, TN from June 13 to 15, 2016.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]