CommScope OM4 fiber enables 100G Ethernet to reach 430 meters


Telecom Lead Team:
CommScope, a provider of
infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has enabled a 100 Gigabit
Ethernet (GE) data transmission over off-the-shelf multi-mode fiber optic
cabling at a length of 430 meters in a demonstration.

demonstration took place in collaboration with Ixia and Reflex
Photonics using CommScope’s SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 fiber cable
assemblies using LazrSPEED 550 OM4 fiber.

The company’s
SYSTIMAX offer voice, data, video and converged connectivity solutions that
support mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications to those
that demand unrelenting reliability and quality for everyday needs.

demonstration shows a future proof path from 10G through 40G and onto 100G with
error-free operation. It also demonstrates that our customers will not have to
re-engineer their networks or deploy new cable when they eventually evolve to
100G. CommScope’s solutions are engineered to exceed industry standards, but
this demonstration, exceeding last year’s mark by almost 100 meters, proves the
value high-performance cabling infrastructure can bring,” said Peter Marsh, UK
technical manager, CommScope.

The 100 GE
standard was ratified in 2010 by the IEEE 802.3ba committee for transmissions
up to 150 meters of OM4 fiber cable. CommScope’s 430-meter link proves that the
range could be effectively doubled through the combined use of high-performance
connectivity solutions and advanced optoelectronics.

CommScope’s innovative OM4 fiber cable with Ixia’s K2 100GE test solution has
once again validated this technology and proven that it is ready for deployment
in today’s data centers,” said Dave Schneider, senior manager of market
development, Ixia.

Few months
back, CommScope supplied the first active antennas in use in an LTE network field
trial. CommScope’s new active antennas, part of the company’s expanding
portfolio of solutions for 4G wireless networks, were installed as part of a
multi-site LTE trial being conducted by a prominent North American wireless
network operator.


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