CommScope provides sector sculpting technique to address in stadium wireless capacity issues

Telecom Lead India: CommScope, a provider of
infrastructure solutions for communications networks is now offering sector
sculpting technology for wireless operators and facility managers to address
the wireless traffic and capacity needs inside stadiums and concert venues.


The deployment of sector sculpting technology is
supported by CommScope specialty antennas. Also, the technique is combined with
an outdoor distributed antenna system to address the unique needs of high
traffic and highly visible venues.


The company said that the capacity issue is a real
concern for the mobile operators and it will surge further in coming years.


Investing in capacity with sector sculpting solutions
offers network providers one of the best opportunities to meet requirements now
and in the years ahead, which can give them a solid return on their investment,”
said Philip Sorrells, vice president of Site Solutions, CommScope.


A major US operator has already deployed this sculpting
solution featuring multi-beam antenna technologies in several stadiums


Sector sculpting splits beams into more narrow and tightly
controlled areas, which results in reduction in interference levels. The
company said that the technique is crucial in HSPA+ and LTE systems.


The company provides its Sector sculpting technique
combined with an advanced DAS such as the ION-M, which supports the
distribution via optical fiber of bandwidth in a multi-operator and
multi-technology environment.


The company has also announced the 2×9 multi-beam
antennas, which provides the power of 18 beams into a single antenna to provide
capacity-optimized coverage throughout a venue served by a DAS.


CommScope releases GeoLENs MLC 10.3 for LTE Networks


Earlier this year, CommScope expanded its GeoLENs
portfolio with the release of new software called GeoLENs Mobile Location
Center (MLC) 10.3.


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