Convergence India 2018 starts focusing on telecom, IoT, broadcasting

Convergence India 2018 kicked off in Delhi today. The three-day event focuses on telecom, broadcasting and IoT.

Anritsu at Convergence India 2018
Anritsu officials at the trade event in Delhi, India.

“In the last three years, 266 million mobile connections and 140 million additional Internet connections were added. We had 5 telecom equipment manufacturing units in 2014; today we have 118 such units manufacturing more than 22.5 crore mobile handsets,” said telecom minister.
Keysight at Convergence India 2018
Keysight Technologies officials at Convergence India 2018.

“India lacks physical infrastructure such as roads, water, development in cities, etc. Technology enables us to overcome these difficulties and leapfrog such obstacles. Technology should be inculcated as an active medium for social transformation,” said RS Sharma, chairman, TRAI.

Aeris at Convergence India 2018
Aeris officials at the Convergence India 2018.

Aeris has launched a solution that can turn bikes into connected vehicles. The connected bike solution is designed to promote safe riding habits. It also can be used to pinpoint the location of a crash victim so that emergency services are initiated without any delay. The bike owner can immobilise the bike remotely in case of theft.

Riyanix at Convergence India 2018

Riyanix officials are at the Convergence India 2018.

SenRa at at Convergence India 2018

SenRa at Convergence India 2018.

VinTech at Convergence India 2018

By Damini Juyal