Cotendo launches new Mobile Acceleration Suite

Cotendo announced launch of its
purpose-built Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS). This new suite extends Cotendo’s
powerful existing Web acceleration services to dramatically speed up delivery
of mobile websites and mobile applications.

With MAS,
Cotendo now delivers reliable and high-performance acceleration for content to
any device on any network in any location in the world. For content providers,
latency on mobile devices is one of the top revenue killers. Long page-load
times reduce conversions and engagement with applications or sites.

Designed from the ground up to
accelerate mobile content and to integrate effortlessly with Cotendo’s widely used and
customer proven content acceleration technologies, MAS elegantly solves latency
and page-load performance problems caused by slow or variable mobile network
data connectivity rates, giving mobile network operators, Website operators, and
enterprise application developers a new way to ensure their content arrives
faster and more reliably than ever to end users’ handsets.

MAS achieves this remarkable result
without any required modifications to the origin site such as creation of
separate Web sites or infrastructure dedicated to mobile content. The MAS suite
applies optimizations to speed up mobile content delivery at the logic, content
and network layers.

These services are available for
deployment and are presently operating in numerous customer production
environments. Deployments to date have resulted in radical improvements in
mobile content delivery performance even for extremely dynamic content that has
traditionally choked legacy CDNs and stymied other specialized mobile content delivery

“While using Cotendo services
we’ve seen up to a 33 percent performance improvement on our site. That’s huge
because our customers expect instant response when downloading apps to their
handsets. Aside from the performance benefits, we chose to use Cotendo services
because they understand the importance of the mobile space and are ahead of the
curve in improving services for the mobile industry,” said Allan Moger,
operations manager, GetJar.

Cotendo’s Mobile Acceleration Suite
offers mobile-specific solutions that also leverage the company’s other
innovative services for content acceleration, including Dynamic Site
Acceleration, CDN Load Balancing, Advanced DNS services, and the unique
Cloudlet Platform – the first CDN-integrated High Performance Cloud Application
Environment. MAS is fully integrated with these and other Cotendo offerings.
Customers can manage all of Cotendo’s services through a single simple-to-use

“Cotendo is a one stop shop for
Redfin’s content delivery and acceleration needs both for mobile and
traditional end users. And thanks to performance improvements resulting from
implementation of Cotendo’s MAS, Redfin has seen healthy traffic growth in our
mobile apps. Cotendo’s console provides detailed real-time views of our traffic
volumes, site usage patterns, and associated costs. Their innovative technology
has helped us focus on what we do best — providing the best real estate
search, service offerings and market transparency on any device,” said
Michael Young, CTO,

By Team