Customer Experience: Telefonica taps HP to improve mobile broadband offerings

Telecom Lead Europe: Mobile service provider Telefonica has tapped HP technology to improve the mobile broadband experience of its global customers.

Enrique Blanco, global chief technology officer, Telefonica

The third largest telecom player in the world is using HP Customer Experience Assurance (CEA), a network-analysis and customer-experience monitoring solution developed by HP and software developer Zhilabs to improve the customer experience.

The association with HP is expected to enable Telefonica to increase loyalty, reduce churn and lower the costs associated with customer care.

HP said Telefonica will deploy HP CEA progressively in all its properties across the telecom markets in the Americas and Europe.

In 2011, Telefonica launched an initiative to resolve network- and service-quality problems more quickly and effectively. The core challenge was to extract valuable customer intelligence out of huge amounts of data from disparate sources, including Telefónica’s operations support systems (OSS), probes and network elements. Telefónica needed a network and analysis tool that was customer-centric, massively scalable and easy to use.

With an integrated, multidimensional view of the customer experience across networks, traffic and user experience, Telefonica operations and business planners are developing service-assurance systems that are faster and more effective. The company also can lower the total cost of ownership due to savings realized by leveraging its existing assets.

“HP and Zhilabs understood our problem, worked closely with us on a proof of concept, and delivered the right combination of powerful software, consulting and integration services, and overall project management,” said Enrique Blanco, global chief technology officer, Telefonica.

The HP OSS Transformation and Actionable Customer Intelligence portfolios provide a broad array of customer-experience management solutions to help CSPs like Telefonica turn their customer data into high-value, personalized services.

“CSPs must have a deep understanding of the customer experience before they can improve it with highly personalized services,” said David Sliter, vice president and general manager, Communications, Media and Entertainment, HP Enterprise Services.

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