Cyan supports MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 initiative


Telecom Lead Team:
Cyan announced that
it now supports the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet 2.0
(CE 2.0) initiative.


The compliance will help carriers in transforming their
metro networks.


Cyan Z-Series packet-optical transport platforms
(P-OTPs) combined with Cyan 360 software and software-as-a-service
(SaaS) tools meet the multiple class-of-service (CoS), network interconnect,
and service OAM capabilities that are integral to the MEF CE 2.0 initiative.


Cyan solutions are specifically designed to help carriers
deal with the enormous scaling, complexity, and cost pressures that compel an
architectural transformation of the metro transport network.


“There is no question that metro transformation is
the biggest challenge for network operators today. Rapidly growing capacity
demands coupled with increasingly stringent performance requirements and flat
revenue growth place stress on profitability targets. The MEF CE 2.0 initiative
offers a path forward for service providers of all types, as well as large
scale enterprises and data center operators,” said Abel Tong, director of metro
Ethernet products at Cyan.


The recently announced MEF CE 2.0 initiative enables
multiple classes of service and manageability over interconnected provider
networks as well as the service OAM attributes required to monitor performance.


Cyan products enabling CE 2.0 networks include CyPortal,
a cloud-based performance verification service, CyMS, a multi-layer management
system utilizing three-dimensional visualization, and the Z-Series family of
P-OTPs working in conjunction with CyAlliance partner products to provide
high-performance, end-to-end service delivery.


Recently,  the
Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) launched its mobile backhaul initiative for 4G/LTE,
which will bring a technical solution to the challenged backhaul.


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