Deutsche Telekom deploys RDK software platform for broadband gateways

Deutsche Telekom has selected RDK Management as the software platform for broadband gateways throughout fiber, DSL, and cable business.
Deutsche Telekom network Europe
RDK is an open source software platform assisting service providers to develop and deploy a consistent set of applications and services across various hardware suppliers.

RDK’s open source software platform is deployed on more than 80 million devices, that standardizes core functions used in broadband, video, and IoT connected devices, said Jason Briggs, President and General Manager of RDK.

“RDK provides us with a common way to control and manage our broadband device capabilities, telemetry, analytics, and apps across our EU footprint, enabling us to create a harmonized customer experience across different devices,” said Pedro Bandeira, Vice President of Product and New Business at Deutsche Telekom.

RDK provides consistent support for routing, Wi-Fi, device management, diagnostics, DNS settings, IoT interfaces (i.e., Bluetooth, Thread, and Zigbee), and more. Deutsche Telekom will benefit from RDK’s software platform by simplifying in the integration efforts and reduce the cost and complexity of managing separate software stacks across chipsets and CPE.

Deutsche Telekom has some 242 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines.