Devicescape Wi-Fi offload data grew more than 10x in 2011

By Telecom
Lead Team: Devicescape, a provider of Wi-Fi data offload, announced that the
Devicescape Offload Network grew by more than 10x in 2011, reaching 5.5 million
hotspots globally.

The Network
is now gaining traction in Europe and Asia Pacific.

the rise of devices like smartphones and tablets, coupled with the end users’
appetite for constant connectivity, carriers are looking at multiple strategies
to ease the congestion of cellular networks,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of

offers more than 5 million high-quality hotspots. Its offload rates are greater
than 40 percent.

such as MetroPCS and Public Mobile among others use the Devicescape Offload

project that even higher-capacity network technologies like HSPA+ and LTE
cannot cost effectively absorb the growth in data traffic entirely by themselves.
Because of this, mobile operators are ramping up their efforts around carrier
Wi-Fi solutions to offload data traffic from mobile broadband networks,”
said Daryl Schoolar, principal analyst at Ovum Research.

The service
includes access to Devicescape’s Offload Network, a curated virtual network of
quality-controlled public hotspots worldwide. Devicescape’s Offload Network has
more hotspots than any other public access Wi-Fi network and is growing daily.
It is completely configurable to an operator’s quality, availability, capacity
and/or financial requirements.

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