Dialogic claims its optimization solutions helps service providers address mobile backhaul issues

Telecom Lead America: Dialogic, a provider of
communication technologies, announced that its bandwidth optimization solutions
helps service providers meet their mobile backhaul challenges.


Dialogic’s mobile backhaul solutions allow telecom
service providers to optimize bandwidth without the need for new


The company’s Dialogic I-Gate Session Bandwidth
Optimizer product line can transport VoIP traffic through 3G mobile and
next-generation switching networks.


Part of this product line is the Dialogic I-Gate
4000 Session Bandwidth Optimizer Mobile Backhaul (I-Gate 4000 SBO MB),
which has been shown to be able to cost-effectively double the
bandwidth in a typical Radio Access Network (RAN).


The company said these solutions helps service providers
in providing improved customer experience and, in turn, an increase in
subscriber base, which is enhancing both short and long-term growth prospects.


According to Gartner, global mobile data traffic is
expected to grow 26-fold between 2010 and 2015, which is based not only on exponentially more
people having access to mobile data networks, but also on continued migration
toward smartphone use, further increasing sales of media tablets and a
burgeoning interest in data hungry mobile video and mobile applications.


The company said that this could lead to a need and
demand for additional bandwidth that goes beyond the levels and it is
addressing these issues through its solutions.


When evaluating their mobile backhaul roadmap, mobile
service providers should be looking for a solution that leverages existing
network resources and provides an upgrade to their management tools and
assurance processes. Core and mobile backhaul solutions allow service providers
to offer network availability and enhance applications’ QoS, ultimately increasing
their growth and revenue,” said Akshay K. Sharma, research director at Gartner.


Recently, SIPxchange,
a provider of VoIP termination and origination services, selected Dialogic as
its core technology provider.


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