Digi unveils new XBee module for India to improve network performance in noisy conditions

Telecom Lead India: Digi International has released the
XBee 865LP, a multi-channel 865 MHz wireless module for the Indian telecom


The new wireless module features up to 10 channels for
better interference immunity. The module improves network performance in noisy
wireless environments.


The company claims that the low cost, low-power module is
based on Analog Device’s ADF7023 transceiver and is ideal for energy
management, sensor deployments and other wireless networking applications.


When numerous 865 MHz devices are running
simultaneously, increased risk of radio interference exists. We are the only
manufacturer with a module featuring 10 channels in India. The module’s
powerful range also improves network performance by providing additional
strength to penetrate walls and other barriers in commercial buildings,” said Larry
Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International.


Our ADF7023 RF transceiver provides best-in-class
interference blocking, sensitivity performance and low current consumption to
ensure a strong connection and reliable data transfer,” said John Greichen,
product line director, RF Group, Analog Devices.


The XBee 865LP features Listen Before Talk and Adaptive
Frequency Agility technology allowing the module to change channels if
interference is detected.


The module is capable of listening to the radio
environment before transmitting and shifts to a new channel when interference
is detected. This frequency scan occurs automatically and in a matter of
microseconds, so there is no impact on performance.


The XBee 865 LP operates in the 865 – 867 MHz range. It
offers low power consumption drawing less than 2uA in sleep mode. The module
offers up to four kilometres line-of-sight range and is easy to configure with
Digi’s utility, X-CTU, which reduces development time from months to weeks.


Pin-compatible and interchangeable multi-channel XBees
are available for global deployments, including a 2.4GHz version for the U.S.
and Australia and an 868 MHz module for Europe. A 900 MHz version will be
available in Q3 2012.

Iridium Satellite Network leverages Digi to expand Internet


Recently, Digi International announced that the Iridium
satellite network now supports the iDigi Device Cloud. Similar to cellular SMS,
Digi devices with an Iridium data transceiver inside can send and receive data
via the iDigi Device Cloud over the Iridium network. This capability extends connectivity
to the remote corners of the globe faster and easier than ever before.


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