Digitel migrates subscribers to new BSS platform from Optiva

Digitel, a mobile network operator in Venezuela, has migrated its 7.2 million subscribers to new BSS platform from Optiva.
Digitel VenezuelaOptiva’s next-generation convergent solution enhances Digitel’s capabilities for new service offerings and long-term growth in VoLTE, 5G and IoT.

The BSS platform empowers Digitel to offer a converged digital experience to its market and confidently execute its digital transformation strategy.

During the migration, Optiva delivered a parallel migration solution, ensuring business continuity for Digitel and its subscribers. The BSS solution will accelerate Digitel’s capability to create revenue growth opportunities and innovate with ease and agility, including a new 5GCP interface function for 5G core network integration support.

The BSS upgrade provides vital enhancements in functional and operational areas, supporting Digitel’s mission and business strategy and making it future-ready for new market needs and sustainable long-term growth.

“Our digital transformation is building momentum as we further embrace cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to future-proof our operations and provide our customers with a world-class, BSS solution from Optiva,” said Luis Bernardo Perez, President of Digitel.