Dish taps Equinix data centers for building Open RAN-based 5G network

Equinix announced its partnership with Dish Networks to provide digital infrastructure services in support of building Open RAN-based 5G network.
DISH 5G business
Dish Network will have access to the critical interconnection infrastructure in Equinix’s data centers across the U.S.

“With proximity to large population centers, as well as network and cloud density, Equinix is the right partner to connect our cloud-native 5G network,” said Jeff McSchooler, DISH executive vice president of wireless network operations.

Equinix provides access to more than 1,800 networks and over 2,900 cloud, IT, and system integrator services globally. A 5G network – built from the ground up – requires this level of highly-distributed, well-integrated infrastructure. By connecting directly to strategic partners and end users, Dish will leverage Equinix’s footprint to help bring 5G to cities nationwide.

Equinix recently announced the opening of a 5G and Edge Technology Development Center which includes a non-standalone 5G network from Nokia to test and validate various 5G services and use cases.

Equinix has invested in helping service providers and network operators bring innovative concepts to market by providing an agile production framework for assessing, incubating and testing 5G and edge solutions for applications.