DU and Huawei Achieve Milestone with World’s First 800G Optical Solution

du, formerly known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), and Huawei have announced the implementation of the world’s premier high-performance 800G in Super C+L band over OptiX OSN 9800 Kepler and M Platform.
DU EmiratesSaleem AI Blooshi, the Chief Technology Officer at du, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership with Huawei, stating that the high-performance 800G optical solution will unleash the full potential of fiber optics.

Saleem AI Blooshi emphasized that this advancement represents a significant stride towards fulfilling their commitment to establishing the most sophisticated optical network in the UAE, positioning it as a pivotal regional center for technological innovation.

du and Huawei demonstrated the capabilities of high-performance 800G transmission across a span of 1400km in the Super C+L band system. This breakthrough technology facilitates seamless connectivity between data centers, offering an unprecedented ultra-large capacity to meet the burgeoning traffic demands of consumers.

Moreover, the trial validated the full capacity and energy-saving features of the Kepler platform, which stands as the industry’s first DC-Oriented OTN platform, paving the way for robust and sustainable connectivity essential for emerging services.

Victor Zhou, the president of the optical transmission domain at Huawei, expressed excitement about collaborating with du on this pioneering project, affirming Huawei’s commitment to providing cutting-edge optical solutions to facilitate premium services for customers.

The high-performance 800G solution, incorporating a built-in high-baud rate bandwidth modulator and PBC non-linear compensation algorithm, extends transmission distance by 20 percent, significantly enhancing data transmission efficiency.

Additionally, the Super C+L solution covers an impressive 12THz spectrum, capable of transmitting up to 96Tbps per fiber, unlocking the full potential of fiber optics. OptiX Kepler, the industry’s inaugural next-generation OTN platform, adopts an advanced dual 3D orthogonal architecture to achieve over 100 Tbps of capacity in a single sub-rack.

The platform integrates innovative heat dissipation technologies, including intelligent Hato fans and thermal-conductive materials, not only augmenting heat dissipation capabilities but also substantially reducing power consumption, resulting in a more environmentally friendly network and site infrastructure.