ECI Telecom deploys Promisec INNERspace solution


ECI Telecom, a provider of networking infrastructure for
communications carriers and service providers, deployed Promisec INNERspace to
solve the challenge of aligning its IT compliance and security policies across
thousands of endpoints at distributed sites worldwide.


agentless technology enables ECI to reach each endpoint and enterprise server
and display real-time status in a uniform manner without requiring access to
specific databases and internal tools.


One of our major challenges as a global company is to
ensure that our policies actually permeate our entire network. Promisec’s
technology fit our definition for what we considered the broadest umbrella
solution offering simplicity of operation for quick entry and low impact on the
network and stations that is, without our having to install and distribute
additional agents,” said Yuval Illouz, global information security manager, ECI.


At ECI, strict security policies
are approved at the executive level and enforced on an ongoing basis by a
number of security circles starting at the firewall and filtering through to
the tools installed on workstations and servers.


We examined a number of solutions, but in the end,
selected Promisec because of its proven capabilities to monitor and control
policies across the globe from our headquarters in Israel. After testing,
Promisec INNERspace proved to be most effective and offer the lowest overhead
over time. Promisec delivers maximum benefit at minimum cost,” Illouz added.


ECI Telecom recently announced that it is expanding
its BG-Wave family of carrier-grade microwave radio with a new all-outdoor
packet offering, to cost-effectively address the expected significant growth in
the number of small-sized and high-capacity cell sites in the deployment of
LTE/4G networks.


The new offering includes the BGW-OE, utilizing the
conventional microwave spectrum (6 to 38 GHz), and the AR (All-Outdoor Radio)
series, which utilizes the E-band spectrum (71-76/81-86 GHz).


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