EE deploys Nokia SON software to enhance network reliability

BT mobile network, EE, is deploying Nokia’s Self-Organizing Network (SON) software solution to enhance network reliability and service in its 4G and 5G networks.
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EE will use Nokia SON to overcome network complexity to create flexible solutions that better manage its network, as well as automating operations to minimize and address network issues more cost-efficiently.

Nokia SON can better prevent issues from developing to deliver a better customer experience, as well as operational cost savings.

Nokia SON is automating network operational tasks and specific SON modules, such as the relationship management of neighboring radio cells, to ensure error-free handovers. Nokia said this supports end-users with a better user experience by reducing dropped calls and interruptions.

EE will be utilizing a Software Development Kit (SDK) to create custom SON solutions that are agile, intuitive, and cost-effective to manage its unique multi-vendor, multi-technology network environment without needing to outsource contractors.

Nokia SON has helped over 100 communications service providers globally improve network reliability cost-efficiently, the telecom equipment maker said.

Steve Holmes, RAN Design Director of BT, said: “We see immense opportunities for the ways in which Self-Organizing Networks can support our mobile network to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.”

Mark Atkinson, SVP, Radio Access Networks PLM at Nokia, said: “As BT prepares to further its 5G deployment, Nokia SON streamlines automation needs, allowing network issues to be resolved effortlessly and to maintain reliable service without the need for outside contractors.”