EE taps InfoVista to enhance performance of in-store applications

Infovista at MWC 2017InfoVista, a network performance orchestration solution provider, said UK-based telecom operator EE has selected Ipanema, Application-Aware SD-WAN solution, to protect the performance of its in-store applications.

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EE, a part of BT Group, will deploy the Ipanema solution across all of its 553 stores through BT’s managed service Connect Intelligence. EE will use Application-Aware SD-WAN solution to better understand which applications are running over its network, and prioritize the performance of business applications over non-critical applications.

EE will also utilize Ipanema’s per-session granularity for protecting application performance and maximizing network bandwidth efficiency to consolidate multiple communications links at each retail store down to just one circuit, producing significant cost savings.

“Leveraging BT’s Connect Intelligence service powered by InfoVista, we gain visibility and control we need to prioritize all of our business-critical in-store applications across the entire store network,” said Chris Williams, director of IT service management at EE.

EE aims to consolidate multiple WAN circuits into one and reduce store network costs substantially, while optimizing application performance and deliver better customer experience.

For seven in 10 retailers, network capacity issues prevent them from delivering a consistently good user experience in the store, according to new data from EKN Research.

“With Ipanema, retail enterprises can effectively deliver on these experiences while simultaneously protecting the speed and reliability of business-critical applications, both old and new, such as those supporting checkout processes,” said Sylvain Quartier, senior vice president, product strategy enterprises, InfoVista.