Elitecore Wi-Fi offload solution becomes interoperable with largest vendor eco-system


Telecom Lead India: The Wi-Fi offload solution of
Elitecore Technologies has become interoperable with the largest vendor

Elitecore’s Wi-Fi Offload interoperability support spans
vendors including Top 5 IN vendors, Top 5 HLR vendors and Top 5 Access Gateway

With the vendor interoperability,  Elitecore’s over
20 off-the-shelf adaptors now allow operators to benefit from quick
time-to-market for their Wi-Fi offload strategy while reducing integration time
in setting up Wi-Fi networks.

“For smooth transition from 3G to Wi-Fi, operators must
be able to seamlessly integrate their existing mobile core with the Wi-Fi infrastructure.
This is done to ensure subscribers are easily authenticated and charged when
they move from 3G to Wi-Fi. Therefore, ensuring maximum interoperability with
existing IN, HLR and Access  Gateway components is the only way you can
help operators achieve quick and smooth roll out of Wi-Fi offload,” said Dhaval
Vora, VP, Product Management at Elitecore Technologies.

The company has also tested its Wi-Fi offload solution
for various devices including iPhone 3, iPhone 4, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry
Curve, Nokia E-series, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad and Laptops.

In February this year, Elitecore Technologies
deployed its Mobile data Offload Service management platform in live operation
for a leading service provider in APAC.

Currently, more than 20 trials of Elitecore Wi-Fi offload
solution are going worldwide for Wi-Fi offloadwith several leading operators in
India and South-East Asia.

The Wi-Fi Offload solution enables operators to roll out
Wi-Fi services with minimum cost and time through utilizing existing
infrastructure via integration.

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