Enterasys Networks to showcase education solutions


Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications
Company, will be exhibiting its education solutions at the International
Society for Technology in Education (ISTE 2011) Conference & Exposition, in
Philadelphia, from June 27, 2011.


In addition to demonstrating its wireless mobility
solutions, Enterasys will highlight its newest innovation, Project Isaac, which
enables school districts to leverage social media for secure, predictive
management/control of their wireless and wired IP network.


“School districts are under intense pressure to
deploy technology that further enables the educational process, while keeping
expenses down and staying within budget,” said Ram Appalaraju, vice
president of marketing at Enterasys Networks.


“In particular, schools need to be able to manage
their IT infrastructure in a more efficient manner. With the introduction of
Project Isaac, IT workflows are dramatically altered to allow real-time
resolution of any network issues, while ensuring the availability of
educational applications,” Appalaraju added.


School districts present unique challenges, including
geographically disperse locations, limited IT staff, a diverse set of
applications and systems, and the ever-growing need to support Bring Your Own
Technology (BYOT) programs, all within an environment where ensuring and
maintaining the safety of students is paramount. 


These challenges demand leading-edge networking solutions
that provide advanced automation features and simplified management including
common wired/wireless management to support uninterrupted connectivity and
reduce TCO throughout the entire school environment.


“The IT world is ever changing.  As a
CIO, I have to keep up with the changing trends and technologies,
including social media,” said Steven Arender, Technology Coordinator,
Danville Schools (Virginia). 


“A constant concern for me is staff retention and
recruitment. The days of having to remember CLI and complex commands are
now less important with a tool like Project Isaac. Most people are very
familiar with Facebook and Twitter and they can be used for effective network
management on day one with Project Isaac,” Arender added.


Enterasys educational customers are able to use Enterasys
network infrastructure
and security solutions to ensure availability of both wired and wireless
networked devices, prioritize access to educational applications, and offer
secure wireless network access to students and faculty.


By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]