Ericsson adds multiple-application card for SSR to deliver real-time capabilities

Telecom equipment vendor Ericsson last week introduced multiple-application card for its Smart Services Routers (SSR) to deliver real-time capabilities.

Ericsson’s new multiple-application card for SSR is powered by its Smart Network Processor (SNP 4000) with architecture for flexible allocation of resources.

SNP 4000 processor, which ensures that the multi-application card delivers predictable line-rate performance and excellent QoE for consumers, was introduced by Ericsson in March 2013.


The multiple-application card is designed to meet the demand from traffic streams generated by new innovative cloud services, said Ericsson.

The development will benefit telecom operators such as China Mobile, Bharti Airtel, Verizon, etc as the new multiple-application card will support services concurrently without compromising performance.

Granular and personalized services with tens of millions of traffic flows, which enables applications and service models that are driven by service provider software-defined networking (SDN) and the cloud

Ericsson is the first vendor to develop a network processor that handles advanced features without compromising performance or the scale of services.

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