Ericsson and Cisco in IP network deal with Korek Telecom

Cisco ASR 9000
Korek Telecom, a mobile operator in Iraq, has selected Ericsson and Cisco to deploy new IP core network sites and optimize existing ones.

Integrated solutions based on Ericsson services and Cisco ASR 9000 routers will be the foundation of Korek Telecom’s IP transformation investment to ensure better coverage and improvement in user experience.

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The network modernization project will be backed by Ericsson’s services organization and will see the deployment of Cisco’s ASR 9000 routers.

“We are pleased to once again sign with Ericsson in partnership with Cisco to transform our IP core network. Working with Ericsson, the deployment of Cisco’s most powerful routers for the telecom enterprise domain will be smooth and efficient,” said Muhsin Akrawi, CTIO of Korek Telecom.

Mike Weston, vice president, Cisco Middle East; and Mohamad Dergham, head of Ericsson North Middle East were instrumental in signing the IP contract with Korek Telecom.