Ericsson announces managed services deal with Yoigo

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Telecom network vendor Ericsson announced its managed services deal with Yoigo, a TeliaSonera Group company in Spain, to improve customer experience.

Ericsson will supply Experience Centric Managed Services including a service operations center for measuring and improving service quality and experience management center to improve customers’ perception of their overall experience.

Telecom network operators now need to go beyond the exclusive management of network performance indicators, with the expectation that overall good network performance automatically leads to good customer experience.

Ericsson’s service operations center monitors the performance of services running over the network, such as voice and web browsing.

Ericsson’s experience management center provides insight into customer perception by measuring, monitoring, analyzing and reporting perception metrics.

Examples of perception metrics include customer loyalty such as Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, behavioral metrics and social media sentiment. The service will be launched during Q4 2015.

“Our aim has been to ensure our customers experience high levels of satisfaction with our network. We have achieved that and want to guarantee this for the future,” said Mikael Elseus, CTO of Yoigo.

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