Ericsson announces Network-enabled Cloud concept at Mobile World Congress

By Telecom Lead Team: Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress
2012 announced its Network-enabled Cloud concept, a business platform that
enables operators to drive new revenues and evolve network capabilities.

Built on Ericsson’s 5C approach to the Network-enabled Cloud
— connect, control, compute, create and customize– the new Network-Enabled
Cloud embeds enhanced functionality and exposes network capabilities for new
service creations.

“The Network-enabled Cloud provides a roadmap for the
evolution of today’s telecom business by addressing the need for new business
opportunities while leveraging telecom operators’ core capabilities,” said
Hans Vestberg, president and CEO of Ericsson.

Consumers, enterprises and society in general are
increasingly becoming networked, driven by smart connected devices, broadband
networks and cloud-based services. Quality of experience, new revenue models
and optimal usage of computing resources are a necessity to serve these needs
in an efficient manner.

Ericsson’s Network-enabled Cloud is addressing these demands
of the networked society. It is Ericsson’s comprehensive effort to
simultaneously evolve cloud computing and telecom network technologies.

Ericsson’s Network-enabled Cloud builds on and combines
today’s telecom assets and delivers dramatically improved quality of
experience, new business opportunities, faster time-to-market and reduced cost
for operators. In this way, it is creating a platform for innovation that will
help realize the Networked Society.

Development of the Network-enabled Cloud will progress in
several parallel flows. One starting point is today’s emerging content delivery
networks, which benefit from Ericsson’s approach to cloud acceleration.

Another starting point is for operators to dedicate one or
more telecom-grade cloud data center(s) to enhancing the level of quality and
security for the applications they offer, such as unified communications and
enterprise applications.

In recent years, Ericsson
has assembled a unique set of
capabilities and experiences by delivering a variety of solutions and services
to the market, all connected to the 5C cloud strategy. The company boasts 50
percent of world’s smartphone traffic goes through its network. The company’s
charging and billing solutions serve 1.6 billion users.

Ericsson has also partnered with Akamai to accelerate mobile
cloud services. The company has unparalleled footprint in mobile network nodes,
from core network to RAN, forming the basis for a future conversion to embedded
cloud-computing nodes in the Network-Enabled Cloud.

The company has built device connection platform for M2M communications
market, and Service Delivery Platform and Composition Engine for Service
Enablement. It also offers an array of enterprise offerings to help operators
build an as-a-Service business.  Ericsson
currently has 900 million subscribers in Ericsson managed networks.

Ericsson will also deliver an integrated Cloud and Network
Management suite that facilitates the end-to-end implementation of SLAs
resulting from service exposure through application programming interfaces

unveils Data Center Build and Optimization offering

 At the Mobile World
Congress, Ericsson also announced the launch of its new offering for building and
optimizing data centers at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.
Data Center Build and Data Center Optimization offering will meet increased
demand for cloud-based services as enterprises seek to become increasingly


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